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Utah filmmaker insists on female lead in telling the legend of the Bear Lake Monster

Posted at 1:34 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-16 15:34:05-04

Just as a weekend at Bear Lake is woven into the tapestry of Summer in Utah, the myth of a monster lurking in its waters is an integral part of the lake's history and family nostalgia.

Utah filmmaker Brandon Smith said the Bear Lake Monster has been talked about by visitors for more than 150 years; a serpent of the lake is even mentioned in oral traditions of local Shoshone people.

Brandon's film, "The Legend of the Bear Lake Monster," starts production in Utah this Summer (2020) and aims to be ready for audiences in 2021.

Brandon calls it, "The Goonies meets Jaws," because solving the monster mystery falls into the hands of a group of curious - and capable - teens.

"I grew up reading the Hardy Boys, but so many stories and films like that have male leads," said Brandon. "I have daughters, so I really wanted to have my lead character be female, and her best friend, and be all about empowerment and them being able to solve the issue."

So, if you love Bear Lake and want to be a part of the film, submit your Bear Lake family or individual photos - and any personal accounts of a monster sighting! - at

You can also contribute to the film'sKickstarter fund, found here.