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Utah student shares three strategies for success in online learning

Posted at 1:30 PM, Sep 14, 2020

The transition from in-person to online learning is challenging for even the most seasoned student. Doing so during a global pandemic is another story entirely.

Alta High School senior Emily Erickson has developed some strategies for success for learning at home and online.

Her first tip is to experiment with your time and where to study. Online classes provide a greater degree of flexibility than traditional classes do - take advantage of it! Try studying at different times: maybe you do better at 10 at night or at 5 in the morning. Try to work in different places, and in new formats -- you might just like it better. Make your home feel like a school setting. Home can actually serve your needs better.

Emily's second tip is to develop an agenda. It is important to begin each study session with a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. Make a list of the 3-4 most important things you need to do each day and get them done early on. She says, "I like to think of a clear objective before I start meetings and class lectures and make sure I've met that goal with questions answered by the time it wraps up."

And her third and final tip is take advantage of online resources. You can find anything on the internet. Three of her favorites: free digital tutoring from your local library, YouTubers who make math videos, and Khan Academy. You can find thousands of ways to strengthen your knowledge and confidence in any topic and learning capacity. If you want to hear something explained in a different way, go into more detail on a subject or gain exposure to a different viewpoint. Don't be afraid to venture beyond the material provided by your teachers.

Emily also recommends searching out scholarships and internships. Over the summer, she nailed Bank of America's six-week Student Leader internship - AND completed four online college courses at the same time!