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Utah winner of Mrs. International: Mental health is personal for my family

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-01 15:42:26-04

Caring for your mental health is a daily practice. We learned that, and more, from mental health activist and Alpine resident Robin Towle, who has won several pageants in the past, but taking home the most recent Mrs. International crown was especially fulfilling for the mother of six. Robin said she finally felt like she "arrived" at her best Self, after a long road of inner work that began as she was looking for ways to help her son.

Robin's son was dealing with depression, and when Robin heard the news that several kids at his high school died by suicide, she was eager for ways to save her son. But she noticed as she was finding tools for her son, she was using them in her own life and felt a greater sense of wellbeing.

Sign The Wolf Pact is a nonprofit Robin supports that she says gives important tools for not only preventing suicide, but becoming more mentally well and just a happier person overall.

The Wolf Pact messages "focus on being kind and inclusive, and reaching out to people to help them," Robin explains. "But it also goes into more of a self-awareness, where we are working on ourselves; using things like gratitude and mindfulness; writing your own life story; those kind of things.”

Robin adds, "I want it to help someone the way it has helped our family." So to find these resources, go to