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Utah's FIRST hospital celebrates 150 years

Posted at 9:16 PM, Dec 22, 2021

St. Marks Hospital is excited to celebrate 150 years in 2022 as Utah's first hospital!

In 1872, Salt Lake City – a pioneer settlement – was booming with 12,000 residents and growing, but the city was long overdue for one more addition – a hospital.

Bishop Rev. Daniel S. Tuttle of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah founded St. Mark's Hospital in 1872.

Plus it's also in the history books for lots of other firsts... It was Utah's first hospital to offer insurance and private rooms as miners poured in for treatment. A monthly payment of $1 entitled a miner to full medical treatment and a hospital bed.

It was also Utah's first school of nursing. Finding trained nurses was always difficult so to address the problem, the St. Mark's Hospital School of Nursing was founded in 1894, just 21 years after the first nurse had graduated in the United States.

And last but not least, in 1895. St. Mark's replaced a rickety express wagon and cot with a new horse-drawn ambulance service which was Utah's first ambulance.

For more information you can go to St. Mark's Hospital