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Vive makes juice in a way that's good for your body, and good for the planet

Posted at 2:14 PM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 16:21:45-05

"Planet First. Local First. Benefit First." That's the mantra of Vive Juicery, nestled in the heart of Sugar House.

"I started Vive just with the intention of bringing people together over healthy, fresh food and I truly believe that when we nourish our bodies we bring that energy into everything that we do," says Brittany Anderson.

She and her husband Craig own Vive and say each bottle of their unpasteurized, raw juice bottle is filled with a balance of fruits and veggies filled with natural nutrients and enzymes.

They source the produce locally and organic whenever they can, and their favorite kinds are "ugly", or at least not pretty enough to sell in stores. Using that produce keeps it from being thrown out.

Speaking of not throwing things out, the bottles the juice come in are used over and over again. "Throughout the course of the last eight years we've saved over a million bottles from ending up into a landfill," says Craig.

Customers bring back clean, rinsed bottles for a credit towards their next purchase.

During the pandemic, Vive branched out into other healthy foods too. They now offer things like dry goods, nuts, seeds, grains and more.

You can come to the store and pick them up or have them delivered.

And, you can feel good about every single bottle you buy because everything is either recycled or reused.

That includes the pulp that's left once the juice is made. "After we've juiced all of these, thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables, there's a pulp left over and so we take that pulp and there's a couple different farms that take that pulp, turn it into compost, some of them use it for animal feed so even down to our pulp nothing goes to waste," says Craig.

Aubriana Martindale from Smith's Food & Drug stores says, "We are certainly in this together and Vive is helping to protect the planet and you're doing it in such a yummy way. We are grateful for your sustainability practices and especially your food rescue efforts so we would like to honor you as our Zero Waste Hero for the month of February in partnership with Fox 13 and Smiths Food & Drug."

You can visit Vive at 1597 South, 1100 East in Salt Lake City or learn more at