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We've probably all witnessed a public marriage proposal, but it could be a reason he or she says no!

Posted at 1:56 PM, Sep 22, 2021

There are some common reasons marriage proposals get rejected, so before you pop the question, consider this advice from Jessie Shepherd, LCMHC.

She says proposing in public isn't always a good idea, nearly 50 percent are rejected.

Jessie says another common reason for someone saying no, is that marriage has not been discussed first, so it's a big shock.

Or they've been dating less than two years.

But the most common reason is the younger person in the relationship feels too young to be married.

If there is a rejected proposal, Jessie says three out of 10 relationships do continue after.

She says a marriage or engagement will not fix issues in the partnership, so don't propose to try and save it.

If your marriage proposal was rejected, Jessie says to leave the situation and reach out to supports (not your partner). Don't be aggressive or bad mouth, but be direct and honest.

And, you can always seek professional help to process.

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