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What happens when you hold a balloon to a flame? It pops, right? Well... not always as Budah found out at Clark Planetarium.

Posted at 1:16 PM, May 07, 2021

Clark Planetarium has cool experiments that will get your kids (and you) interested in science.

Budah checked out "Fireproof Balloons" with Cynthia Checketts from the Planetarium.

She demonstrated the property of water by putting balloons over a candle flame.

The first balloon did not have any water in it, and popped immediately.

The second balloon had a small amount of water in it and did not pop when put over the flame.

This happens because the cool water closest to the flame heats up and rises.

The cooler water on the top sinks down to replace the heated water.

As long as the water remains cool enough to conduct heat away from the surface of the balloon, it will remain intact.

Once the water inside the balloon gets too hot though and it can't keep the surface of the balloon cool – pop!

There are always fun experiments like this happening at Clark Planetarium. They also have some virtual ones online.

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