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What toys will kids be asking Santa for this year? Here's a sneak peek!

Posted at 1:30 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 15:30:48-05

What toys will children be asking Santa for this year? We talked with Jennifer Lynch, a Toy Trends Specialist with the Toy Association, for a sneak peek.

Here are 5 toys that are popular for 2020.

Rainbocorns Big Hair Surprise by ZURU. These toys are for ages 3 and up and sell for $49.99. It features 30 layers of hair and style-themed surprises. Open the mystery paper bags to discover colorful hair extensions, temporary tattoos, a brush, and mirror compact. Three characters: Kittycorn, Toucancorn, and Unicorn each have colorful tufts of hair the style and three adorable Big Hair Boo-Boocorn companions.

Squeakee the Balloon Dog, Moose Toys. This toys are for ages 5 and up and sell for $59.99. Squeakee is the first-ever robotic balloon dog popping with personality. Squeakee is a unique, interactive balloon pet with multiple touch sensors that are part dog, part balloon and 100 percent fun. With 60 sounds and movement, Squeakee offers hours of play for kids. Squeakee can bark, walk, sit and scoot -- just like a real dog. And just like a real dog, Squeakee can be naughty -- tell Squeakee when he has been naughty and he'll respond to your voice.

Pinxies Unicorn Barn by Luki Lab. This toy is for ages 6 and up and sells for $39.99. Girls' imaginations will be unleashed as they train unicorns and ride over magical rainbows with the Pinxies Unicorn Barn! The toy comes with 240+ pieces, three friends: Koral, Lila and Finn, three colorful unicorns, training and care accessories and a sticker sheet for decorating.

ArmoGear Boxing Battle by Nesstoy. This toy is for ages 8 and up. Boxing Battle is an interactive boxing set with three built-in game-play modes: Boxing Mode: Be the first to knock out all of your opponent's lights; Advanced Mode: Hit the lights as they appear, be quick they don't stay lit for long; and Training Mode: Get ready for a match, the higher score wins. Challenge each other to a match and watch how quickly you get your heart rate going!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged House by IMC Toys. This is for ages 3 and up and sells for $9.99 each. In each glittery Winged House, discover a Cry Babies Magic Tears doll that comes with eight glittering accessories. Use the included baby bottle to feed water to your Cry Baby Magic Tears Doll, squeeze its belly, and watch them magically cry colorful tears before your eyes! There are 12+ dolls to collect. Some Winged Houses also include a rare diamond bling, bow or a pacifcer accessory, while others come with an exclusive rare character with magical color-change onesie!

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