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What's in a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist's Pantry? Here's a quick glance!

Posted at 1:32 PM, Feb 02, 2021

If you want to eat healthier, all you need to do is take a peek inside a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist's pantry for some tips.

We asked Trish Brimhall, RDN, CD, CLE to share some of the things she always keeps on hand.

Trish says, "With regular exercise in my routine, I like to have a good electrolyte hydration beverage on hand and I like Bodyarmor since they offer the best in sports hydration." Bodyarmor Lyte is a low calorie, no sugar added sports drink made of coconut water and potassium packed electrolytes. It contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners or dyes.
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Trish says quick side dish items are a must for her pantry – things like Idahoan mashed potatoes or hash browns makes putting a comfort-meal on the table easy. Trish especially likes having mashed sweet potatoes ready to go in her pantry without having to plan extra cooking time.

We're all eating more take out these days, and she has some favorites on hand so that she can pull together a quick meal that satisfies her crave without blowing her restaurant-delivery budget. Pesto- great for paninis and wraps as well as pasta. Great way to take a jar of marinara sauce to wow-level is by adding in a dollop of pesto. Suddenly you have a secret-sauce! Trish says, "Lately coconut milk, curry paste, and jasmine rice are my latest favorites for a quick Indian or Thai dish. It helps turn the random leftover veggies in my produce drawer into a delicious meal - saving time and money."

And for snack attacks, Trish always keep a variety of nuts and seeds and dark chocolate in the pantry. That way she's set when she's got a hankering for salty/crunchy or the universal chocolate crave.

Trish can help you with your nutrition goals just visit her website,