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Why it's important to think about your weight in relation to COVID-19 and other illnesses too

Posted at 1:43 PM, Apr 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-14 18:49:24-04

About half of the people who've had to be in the hospital for COVID-19 were obese.

Even being a overweight puts you at more of a risk of invasive mechanical ventilation for Coronavirus.

We talked with Rebecca Fronberg, Program Manager of Utah Department of Health Healthy Living Through Environment, Policy and Improved Clinical Care (EPICC).

She says those statistics highlight the need for policies to ensure community access to nutrition and physical activities that promote and support a healthy BMI.

Public health departments in Utah offer a variety of services starting at birth with breastfeeding friendly policies in hospitals and lactation accommodations in worksites and childcare centers.

Fronberg says they also teach obesity prevention in childcare settings through TOP Star, which helps kids be active and eat healthy.

That continues for school age children with comprehensive school physical activity and nutrition programs.

And for adults, they work with employers to create policies around physical activity and nutrition through the CDC Work@Health® Program.

Fronberg also told us about how the health departments are connecting people with places in communities to find active transportation to walk or bike ride instead of driving.

And, there's even an EPICC Podcast that has other tips. You can find that anywhere you get your podcasts.

Go to to find all of these resources.