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Women! Add some sunshine to your winter

Proper Mountain Woman Club
Posted at 3:18 PM, Jan 19, 2023

The Proper Mountain Woman Club is a merit badge program for women designed to beat the winter blues.

The club starts in January and goes through the end of March. As you earn merit badges you progress in rank and title.

There are hundreds of merit badges to choose from in the workbook, including 12 categories: Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Home & Hygge, Kitchen, Knowledge, Mischief, Nature, Self Reliance, Service, Social, and Spiritual.

The merit badges are represented digitally on the website.

Currently there are troop members in 37 different states, and in 3 other countries!

You can do the club totally on your own. It's for any woman, any age, any stage of life, and in any location.

Check out the club podcast called My Life, My Badges where we read messages from troop members about their merit badge earning experiences. Listen on all podcast platforms, and follow us on Instagram @propermountainwomanclub.