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You can play in the Greatest Snow on Earth, and play it safe #InUtah this winter

Posted at 8:46 AM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 10:46:04-05

COVID means many of us are enjoying outdoor activities now more than ever before!

We talked with Pitt Grewe, Director of the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, who says the state saw a huge increase in outdoor recreation over the summer, and they expect that trend to continue through the winter.

Many of those people will be experiencing winter recreation for the first time. So there are important things to remember to make it an enjoyable experience #InUtah.

First, Grewe says while you're enjoying the state's Greatest Snow on Earth, think twice before you head out.

You should always know what the weather forecast is, and what road conditions to expect. He says you should also have the right gear for whatever activity you're doing and make sure you also have a map of the area you'll be in.

The first week of December in Utah is designated by the legislature as Avalanche Awareness Week.

Mark Staples with the Utah Avalanche Center says avalanches kill several people in Utah ever year. He says, "The thing about it is, compared to other emergencies we deal with, if you twist a knee or have some broken gear, you have time on your side, you can limp your way out, get back to your car or trailhead. When an avalanche happens you have seconds before someone's dead to pull off a rescue so you really have to be prepared."

And, it's not just extreme athletes in the backcountry who are at risk either. Staples says people have died snowshoeing just a few feet from their car.

Staples says before you go, check the avalanche forecast to see whether it's low, moderate or high at There you'll also find a listing of events.

And to help you plan your adventure, there are resources at

And for more information on what's open #InUtah, visit