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You can still find delicious, fresh fruit at local Farmers Markets

Fruit is in season at Park City's Farmers Market
Posted at 1:52 PM, Sep 19, 2023

Park City Farmers Market is still open every Wednesday 11am-5pm through the middle of October (weather permitting).

Jenny went to check out fruit that's in season with Rebekah Abrams from Rebekah's Kitchen.

She suggests using fresh blueberries in everything from pies to jam and even in salads.

Sugar Plums are also in season and are yellow and sweet for jams and pies.

There are different colors of raspberries, the yellow ones are a little sweeter and the red ones are tarter.

Rebekah also taught Jenny a good hack with raspberries. Freeze them on a cookie sheet and once they're frozen put them in plastic bags. That way they won't stick together.

Rebekah says she loves shopping at Farmers Markets for produce because you know it's all organic.

You can get recipe ideas from her, or even hire her as a personal chef or have her deliver meals right to you.

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