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Young Living Essential Oils takes Mother Earth into account to get products to you

Posted at 1:15 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 15:15:00-04

When you order essential oils from Young Living, you know they smell good, can clean your home naturally or even help you with your beauty routine.

But Young Living Essential Oils take Mother Earth into everything they do to get those products to you.

It all starts before planting even begins. They have implemented zero-till farm techniques that eliminate the need for fossil fuels to power mechanical equipment.

"The idea is you don't have to till the soil. When you till it, it removes carbon from the soil and it can upset the microbes in the soil and so that changes the way the soil absorbs water and absorbs nutrients. No tillage creates a far healthier soil and thereby a healthier product," says Deven Patten, Director of Sustainability for Young Living.

Looking out for the environment doesn't stop when the seeds go into the ground either. Young Living has created a zero-waste water conservation system at the company's Mona, Utah farm.

"We have water recycling systems that are saving 260 million gallons of water a year, that's like 400 Olympic swimming pools full of water," says Patten.

Once the product is harvested, Young Living is mindful of how they get it to customers too.

Currently about 50 percent of what they ship out of their warehouse in Spanish Fork, Utah is easily recyclable within the united States. "We're not done yet though, we're going to strive to continue to make product more recyclable, reusable or minimizing packaging that we ship out with," says Patten.

It's because of these processes that Young Living was awarded as the Zero Waste Hero for the month of March by Smith's Food & Drug and Fox 13.

You can learn more by visiting: Young Living Essential Oils.