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Young Living survey reveals what people are stressed about

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jul 01, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is drastically impacting our lives from our work to our homes, so Young Living recently did a survey to find out what that means for families and how parents and kids are dealing with the stress.

Our homes are meant to be safe-havens, however, their survey shows that stress is abundant right now.

While 70% of parents say they`re more stressed every day since the pandemic started, shockingly, 56% of children are experiencing stress too.

Young Living also found that kids were exhibiting some behavioral changes.

Parents reported that 33% were acting out more often, 32% were acting overwhelmed with school work, and 30% were fighting with their siblings.

With this added stress, their survey also found how families were coping.

73% of parents admitted that the biggest way they manage their own stress is by turning on the television.

Young Living also found the top ways parents are trying to help the little ones unwind with 79% playing games with their kids, 52% are going outdoors, and 41% are trying to stick to a schedule or a routine.

We are all trying to cope as best we can during this pandemic, but Young Living's survey found that it isn't all stress and schoolwork.

60% of parents say that they` have grown closer to their children by spending more time together.

As we break into the summer months, unfortunately, 80% of parents surveyed say that they had to cancel or postpone plans due to COVID-19.

However, 35% report that they are looking forward to getting their kids outside to play, which can certainly help all of us who have been cooped up inside.

Young Living also asked parents about their thoughts on homeschooling and 57% of those surveyed say that they would be open to homeschooling in the future.

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