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You've heard the phrase "curb appeal", here's why it's so important when selling your home

Posted at 2:10 PM, Dec 10, 2021

Selling your home is just like selling anything. You want to make sure you prepare the home so that it appears the best it can and appeals to the most buyers.

Chris Hoffman with UVO Group says it's important to consult a professional real estate agent.

When you consult with an agent at UVO Group they will discuss with you the best options for preparing your home as far as staging, UVO Group offers free staging services for the main areas, including: master bedroom and bath, kitchen dining and living room.

Chris says there are two different avenues of approach for selling your home; the homeowner's side of things and the agent's side of things.

From the homeowner's side of things, there are a lot of things that can be done to really help win over the buyers coming to see your home.

The first thing people see when they get to your home is the curb appeal. Making sure that your front yard is well maintained, free of yard waste or other outside clutter will make a great first impression. Clearing the driveway of cars, kids toys, or whatever else may be out there also helps give a nice, tidy appearance.

Chris told us this also applies to the interiors of the home. Making sure that the appearance is tidy, free of clutter and easy for the buyers to envision their family growing in the home will have a huge impact on the process of selling your home.

From the Agent side of things, there are a lot of things that UVO agents do to help sell your property.

Professional photography is worth its weight in gold! In today's market, over 50% of buyers will do their searching on the internet. Having professional photography will ensure that your home is being displayed in the best way possible through a computer screen. Getting the home marketed to as many of those websites is another huge key to getting your home sold quickly, and for the most amount of money.

With the UVO group, they go beyond just the usual agent activities and even provide more than most people would expect. If you have moved out and your home is empty, we have the ability to get the home staged and prepared for showings, with no out of pocket expense to the seller.

Have some light renovations you want to make, like paint, flooring, maybe some new lighting fixtures? UVO has the option of getting those light home improvements done to your home, which would result in a higher sales price, and then not having to pay for it until the house sells. It really is a win-win for potential sellers when you work with an amazing team that has resources that will help you succeed.

Chris also says now is the best time to buy... buyers and sellers who are in the market know about the holidays, so they're series about buying or selling.

Also, interest rates are low, but the Feds say they're going up.. so now is the time!

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