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You've probably heard a lot about intermittent fasting, but is it right for you?

Posted at 1:26 PM, Apr 23, 2021

You've probably heard about intermittent fasting, and you may have wondered if it's right for you.

We talked with Certified Health Coach Samantha Harris for some insight.

She says intermittent fasting means you have a cycle of fasting for a longer period of time, and then eating.

It's common to fast for 16 hours (which includes when you sleep), and then have an eight-hour window to eat a nutritiously-balanced diet.

Before considering it, Samantha says talk to your doctor!

But, if you and your doctor decide it could be good for you, it can have health benefits including:

  • Lower instances of cardiac complications
  • Lower risk of developing diabetes
  • Lower levels of inflammation and joint pain
  • Loss of excessive belly fat

Samantha says it is harder for women to have effectiveness. It usually works better for men, especially for weight loss.

There are some downsides and challenges too. It's not safe for pregnant or nursing women, or for those who have a eating disorder or a history of eating disorders. And, if you have a history of fainting, intermittent fasting is not for you.

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