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Zero Fatalities wants drivers to stop justifying bad behaviors

Posted at 1:53 PM, Mar 19, 2021

Fox 13 has had a week-long push of Zero Fatalities traffic safety messages.

UDOT Safety Outreach Administrator Kristen Hoschouer says they're hoping Utah drivers will stop justifying bad behaviors and start making one small change today to save lives.

That change is going to be different for everyone. It could be not texting at red lights, not tending to children in the back or eating while driving. The key is finding what small thing you can do today to make a difference.

The new campaign isn't singling out one behavior but covers all five behaviors that contribute to fatalities. The underlying message of the campaign is "Our lies are costing lives." We THINK we're okay doing dangerous things behind the wheel because we make up excuses and little lies to justify bad behavior. The truth is, we need to look at our own behavior and be better drivers. All it takes is making that one simple decision daily to make a change and that's the message that we want to send.

The Zero Fatalities program has consistently communicated about the top five behaviors contributing to crashes and fatalities. We can drastically reduce fatalities if we just follow these five keys for safe driving:

The five behaviors are:

  1. Drive alert
  2. Drive focused
  3. Drive calm
  4. Drive sober
  5. Drive buckled

Some helpful tips are: to get out of the car, stretch or walk around if you're feeling tired behind the wheel. Put your phone in a backpack, glovebox, purse, or trunk to help avoid distractions, or on "Do not disturb". And follow the speed limit signs.

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