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Zero Hunger Hero: Utah-based trucking business drives out hunger

Posted at 5:31 AM, Dec 04, 2020

A national trucking company based in Utah is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, but there's another milestone they should be proud of.

C.R. England not only helps keeps our store shelves stocked, but also is providing millions of meals for kids in need, both in Utah and across the nation.

It was 1920 when farmer Chester England decided to quit his farm career in Plain City, UT and buy the first truck of what would become a nationwide fleet.

David Allred, the director of management services for CR England, said that's when Chester made the switch from grower to mover.

Chester England's legacy lives on, not just by becoming a successful company, but also by helping feed - with each delivery - the 1 in 5 Utah kids and beyond who face hunger every day.

"No one should go hungry, but in particular, children should have a meal every day," said David. "So that became our focus, to try to provide meals for kids with the One Initiative."

Nearly 5 million meals have been delivered since 2018 by CR England, who decided to direct their charitable giving to food banks around the country.

And everyone pitches in; from the office staff, to the company's partners, to the brave men and women behind the wheel.

David explains, "Our drivers love it because when they pull in, they pull up an app that allows them to select which food bank the delivery benefits. So if a driver delivers a meal in SLC, he can select the Utah Food Bank as the recipient."

This initiative, and the sheer mass of meals provided to especially children, is why FOX 13 - in partnership with Smith's Food and Drug - are presenting David on the behalf of CR England with the Zero Hunger Hero award.

"We're honored and very appreciative of this recognition," he said.

If you want to donate to the One Initiative, visit CR England online.

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