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Cooler and sunny Monday, warming by midweek

Posted at 6:44 AM, Sep 28, 2020

It's going to be another beautiful, mild day across the state with plenty of sunshine. Most of our cities in the valley will warm up into the low 70s this afternoon with the upper 80s in parts of Southern Utah.

Overall, it's going to stay pretty calm this week with no rain. A high pressure system is building along the coast. Over the next couple of days, that system will slip right into Utah, which will help our temperatures climb back into the 80s and 90s midweek.

Salt Lake City:

Today: Clear and Sunny, Low 70s

Tonight: Clear Skies, Upper 40s

Tuesday: Sunny & Warmer, Mid to Upper 70s

St. George:

Today: Sunny & Breezy, Upper 80s

Tonight: Clear, Low to Mid 50s

Tuesday: Warm and Sunny, Low 90s