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How to get the most out of your health benefits

Posted at 9:21 AM, Jun 13, 2024

Wellness Wednesday is sponsored by Intermoutain Health

What is your relationship with your insurance policy? Is it a paycheck robbing expense you only pay for because you have to? Do you think of it as a backstop in case something really bad happens?

What if you thought of it like a club membership with a list of perks worth taking advantage of?

Lindsay Shawcroft is a Senior Account Manager for SelectHealth. Her title may sound a little corporate or “insurancy,” but think of her as an event planner for your health party.

Shawcroft said, “This is a great time of year to remember that you do have those preventive services, go get those checks, make sure you are staying well.”

So call your doctor make an appointment. That's the first step and get in get those checks done.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a doctor. Just call the “event planner” for help.

“We have a team of advocates that can help people find a doctor and even help get an appointment scheduled for them,” said Shawcroft.

Did she say advocates? Think of them as the concierge ready to make arrangements for you to hit the town…health-wise. And remember, you can tell your doctor all the stuff you don’t want getting out. They’ll keep your secrets.

Anther perk worth learning about is prescription savings. If your out-of-pocket costs feel out of control, find out if you have a service to help.

“I got an email saying hey, you could save $10 Every month if you go to a different pharmacy. So, it kind of does the shopping and takes the hard legwork out of it for our members,” said Shawcroft.

That’s you…a member of a fancy club. A club that likely has options to improve what we fancy club members like to call wellness.

“If you are a member of a member of a gym, we reward you for that, we give you money back for being a member of that gym. So, every person is eligible for $20 a month, up to $580 per family per year,” said Shawcroft.

Think if you already belong to a gym, that benefit will pay a certain amount per year. Signing up now gives you and others on your policy six months to get the full benefit. The key is to reach out…to your doctor if you have one or to your insurance help line if you don’t.