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Wolf-dog hybrid Zeus finds a legal forever home after shelter’s call for help

Wolf-dog hybrid Zeus finds a legal forever home after shelter’s call for help
Posted at 7:50 AM, Jan 19, 2023

The Potter League for Animals, a Middleton, Rhode Island-based nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare, recently took in an owner-surrendered canine who truly needed a special home. Not only does he have a medical condition requiring treatment, but he can also only live in certain areas.

That’s because Zeus is not your average dog. His previous owner reports that Zeus is one-third German shepherd dog, one-third husky and one-third wolf. While the organization is awaiting the results of a DNA test for confirmation, they believe it to be accurate. Unfortunately, this made Zeus more difficult to place in a new home, as wolf hybrids are illegal to own in several states.

The shelter shared photos of the handsome good boy on Facebook, asking for help finding him the perfect forever home.

“Zeus is about as fine a canine specimen as you could possibly imagine,” Potter League for Animals wrote in the post. “He is wonderfully magical to watch as he walks. His movements are mesmerizing, and he looks like he just walked out of a scene from Twilight (yes, we just went there). He is incredibly affectionate and silly, and loves to be pet, snuggled, and loved on.”

The shelter went on to say that it’s illegal to privately own him in Rhode Island and the surrounding states, but it would be legal in nearby New Jersey and Vermont. And there was one more twist.

“Additionally, Zeus does have a medical condition making him prone to seizures which are managed by medication,” the shelter wrote. “He has lived with other dogs, cats, and kids, and most of his life has been that of an indoor dog, which makes sanctuary placement unsuitable.”

Zeus was not unwanted or unloved when he was surrendered.

“He was surrendered to us on December 22 by his former owner who clearly loved him dearly, but whose personal circumstances changed and he could no longer care for Zeus,” Kara Montalbano from Potter League for Animals told Newsweek.

Finding a unique home where he would be legal, safe and loved was a challenge. However, a man named Ron Monroe rose to the occasion.

“As soon as I saw him in person my heart melted,” Monroe told Newsweek. “He is such a sweet boy.”

Monroe traveled from his home in Vermont, where it is legal to own a wolf hybrid, to pick up his new best friend. Potter League for Animals shared a video of Zeus and his new dad.

Along with his medical condition, Monroe is helping Zeus with anxiety. But overall, it seems to be a match made in doggy heaven.

“In the long run,” Monroe told Newsweek, “he is going to thrive and be loved by all.”

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