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You can get paid $2,400 to avoid all screens for 24 hours

You can get paid $2,400 to avoid all screens for 24 hours
Posted at 7:20 AM, Aug 31, 2022

If you’d like to cut back on your screen time, but need a bit of an incentive to do so, how does some cold hard cash sound? is looking to pay someone $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology. That includes all screens, from your phone and iPad to computers, gaming consoles and televisions. It even includes smart watches and smart devices, so if you have something that controls the lights in your home, for example, you’ll need to unplug it.

If chosen for the 24-hour 2022 Digital Detox Challenge, you will not be allowed to scroll on social media, binge-watch, play games, use your smartwatch to track exercise or even Google something when you have a question. You can still use a microwave to make food for yourself. Of course, if you have an emergency and need to your use your cell phone, an exception will be made.


If you’re selected, you must also submit a screen time report to show that you actually went 24 hours without technology. You’ll also need to submit a report telling about your experience, any challenges you faced, benefits you found from the detox and if you plan on cutting down on screen time in the future.

The selected Digital Detoxer will receive $2,400 at the end of the challenge and a $250 Amazon Gift Card to build a “techless survival kit” during the time period. This can be used for items like a typewriter to replace your laptop, board games to replace video games, books to replace social media scrolling, and stationery and art supplies.

You must be at least 18 years or older, and you should apply by Sept. 21 at 5 p.m. MST. You’ll need to answer a few questions, like how “addicted” you are to technology and why you would be perfect for the job. You may also have a better chance of being chosen if you’re following on its social media channels. This year’s selected challenger will be announced Sept. 30 on’s YouTube channel.

Do you think you could go 24 hours without technology for that amount of money?

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