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You Can Rent An Entire Italian Village, Complete With A Castle

You Can Rent An Entire Italian Village, Complete With A Castle
Posted at 7:35 AM, Dec 13, 2022

Do the holidays have you wishing for an exotic vacation in 2023? Maybe one where you can take your extended family and maybe even some besties? Or, maybe there’s a special occasion coming up where you want to invite a lot of people. Instead of renting a block of rooms at an ordinary hotel, how about renting an entire village in beautiful Italy?

Yes, there is a vacation rental service that lets you do that!

Just imagine soaking up the sun and the sights near the Adriatic Sea in a village where you and your guests are the only people around. And say “ciao” to Petritoli, Italy!

Group Accommodation

According to the rental company Group Accommodation, which lists this one-of-a-kind getaway, this lovely village sits atop a hill in the La Marche region on the east coast of Italy. Petritoli is nestled within the Sibillini mountains and dates back to medieval times. It’s about a three-hour drive from Rome.

Because this a private rental, you and your guests will have full access to the village amenities, which include:

  • boutiques
  • vineyards
  • theaters
  • community squares
  • gardens/parks
  • bars/wineries
  • restaurants
  • two swimming pools
  • supermarkets and more

And, if you have a special occasion in mind, then Petritoli has a castle where everyone can experience a taste of royal life. You can hold collective meals in its halls or house up to 90 guests at one time.

Group Accommodations

As far asaccommodations for other guests, they’ll have plenty of options to make them feel at home. With 98 bedrooms available that can sleep 200, housing ranges from “traditional houses to little boutique lodgings as well as self-catering apartments.”

A total of 19 kitchens are available for guests. You also get access to a professional catering team to provide food for meals and special events for up to 250 people per day. And, even though the city has a long history, modern conveniences such as Wi-fi are part of all accommodations throughout the village. Most of them have TVs as well.

Global Accommodations

You can even bring pets along for the vacation of a lifetime!

A minimum of 50 people are required for this Italian adventure that runs from three to seven nights. Every party receives a personalized quote from the rental company, although Travel & Leisure reports the per night price a month ago was about $1,577 per night. So, contact Global Accommodations to get all the details to rent your own village!

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