Accused cop killer bound over for trial

Posted at 6:57 AM, Nov 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-02 19:17:53-04

Matthew David Stewart, the Ogden man accused of killing a cop and wounding five other officers, was bound over for trial Friday.

Stewart, 37, faces one charge of aggravated murder, seven charges of attempted aggravated murder and one charge of producing, manufacturing or dispensing a controlled substance. He will be arraigned Wednesday, November 7.

Stewart's ex-girlfriend, Stacy Wilson, took the stand Friday for the prosecution. She told the court that during her year-long relationship with Stewart they had multiple conversations where Stewart accused the police and the IRS of corruption and being power hungry.

Wilson also testified that Stewart had said "if police ever came to his house, he'd go out shooting and wouldn't let them take him alive."

Wilson is who tipped off authorities to a marijuana grow operation at Stewart's Ogden home with a phone call in September 2011, according to police.

Stewart is charged with capital murder in the death of Ogden Police Officer Jared Francom and the wounding of five other officers during a January shoot-out at his home.

Stewart's family blames the method officers used to serve their search warrant.

"Sure the situation is horrible and what actually happened that night inside the house is awful. It's terrible on all accounts. Our main focus is to try and change policies," said Erna Stewart, Matthew Stewart's sister-in-law.

Family members say there was no need for a nine-man squad of armed officers to break down Stewart's door in the middle of the night to look for marijuana. They argue that the officers dark street clothing, longer hair and arrival in unmarked cars, caused Stewart to believe they were armed thugs who intended to rob and kill him.

On Friday, supporters of the police department stood outside the courthouse.

"I think the officers need to know how much we appreciate them and love them and are grateful that they are willing to put their lives on the line every day so that we can live in a society that is safe," said Charlene Richens, Ogden Police supporter.

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