Technology, education merge in iSchools

Posted at 8:37 PM, Dec 07, 2012

PROVO, Utah - Technology and education merged with a new program at Dixon Middle School.

Dixon Middle School is the latest iSchool, where iPads and other technology are used in the classroom.

iSchool is made possibly through a legislation that created the Smart School Technology Program.

"Some legislation ran last year in a session that set up a pilot program and the legislature appropriated the millions of dollars it took to put this in to play," said Utah House Speaker Beck Lockhart.

William Nixon, caiman and CEO of iSchool Campus, says Dixon is the first public middle school to become a certified smart school. That means iPad technology is available to every student in the classroom.

"We are taking these to K through 12 and educating them how to put technology to use for their benefit for their future. It's a whole new paradigm in learning. It really is the future," Nixon said.

Jarod Sites, principal at Dixon Middle School, says that technological programs like iSchool are inevitable.

"This is just an extraordinary event for us to be able to provide this opportunity for our kids. They already live in a digital world and for us to help mentor them through this keeping kids out of the digital world isn't the answer but mentoring them through is just a great opportunity," Sites said.

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