Details emerge in sex abuse allegations against U swim coach

Posted at 9:28 PM, Mar 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-02 00:46:30-05

by Caroline Connolly

SALT LAKE CITY - New details were released Friday regarding the sexual abuse investigation into University of Utah’s suspended swim coach Greg Winslow.

A police report published by Yahoo!News details Winslow’s alleged abuse of a 15 year old girl in Arizona several years ago. The document was handed over to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office in Arizona Thursday, the same day the university suspended Winslow.

It is a lengthy, 97 page document that accuses Winslow of abusing the teen while he was a swim coach at a club in Tempe, AZ. According to the report, the alleged victim, who is now 22, came forward after a failed suicide attempt in 2012.

The document says Winslow and the victim had meetings in his office, where physical contact progressed from hugging to fondling. It also details a “confrontation” phone call that took place in November between the victim and Winslow, which she said was an attempt to get closure.

According to the document, during the conversation, Winslow apologized for kissing and misleading her.

In an excerpt from the report posted by Yahoo, the victim then asked, “What about for rubbing my breasts?"

"I'm sorry for that, too,” Winslow responded, according to the report.

In the document, Winslow later denied to police doing anything other than kissing the alleged victim on her swim cap.

At a news conference Thursday, the university's Athletic Director, Dr. Chris Hill, said they are taking the allegations seriously and have launched their own investigation into the coach.

"We feel that we're doing our due diligence as best we can. You know, these are challenging situations, but we don't put our head in the sand. As soon as we hear something, we make sure we deal with it,” said Hill.

The university has investigated Winslow in the past for allegations of abusive behavior. However, they were not of a sexual nature, and he was later cleared by the school's Office of Equal Opportunity.

FOX13 spoke with Maricopa County's public information officer, Jerry Cobb, Friday night regarding where the investigation stands. Cobb explained that while no charges have been filed against Winslow yet, a decision will most likely be made within 30 days.