Study: Salt Lake City ranked top 5 ‘safest-feeling’ cities in the United States

Posted at 10:52 AM, Apr 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-15 13:06:10-04

Salt Lake City has made the list for the top 5 “safest-feeling” cities in the United States.

A new Gallup poll asked thousands of people in each of the 50 largest U.S. cities if they “felt safe” walking the streets alone at night in the area where they live. Salt Lake City came in at No. 5, with 77% of residents feeling safe.

Nationally, 72% of all people said they felt safe.

Also among the safest-feeling cities were Denver, Raleigh, N.C.; Boston and Austin. At 55%, Memphis, Tenn., residents felt the least safe, followed by New Orleans, Riverside, Calif.; and Houston.

Gallup noted that a safe feeling did not always equate to actual low crime statistics. According to Congressional Quarterly, Denver actually has the tenth-lowest crime rate in the U.S., making it more dangerous than Los Angeles and New York. Using the same measure, Detroit and Baltimore are the most dangerous cities.

There’s definitely some correlation, though – Memphis generally has a high crime rate, while Austin generally has a low one.

For more details on the poll, visit Gallup’s website.

Story via KDVR.