Salt Lake City ranked “Most Superficial City in America”

Posted at 10:48 AM, Apr 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-30 12:48:22-04

The following is a press release from

(Salt Lake City) — A relationship may last a lifetime, but the first impression only takes seconds to determine—that is, in the online dating world. conducted a national study to determine which cities are quickest to judge dating potential. Utilizing Google Analytics, discovered that it only takes 7.2 for Salt Lake City natives to decide whether to contact or dismiss the opposite sex.

The website also polled a sample of 853 Salt Lake City-based members (500 males and 353 females) and asked to rank which of the 20 total qualities in an online dating profile they valued most when browsing. Salt Lake City’s top five determining factors (in order of importance) were Profile Picture, Occupation, Income, Body Type, and Age.

“Salt Lake City members clearly value physical appearance above all other profile information,” says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of “One cannot possibly determine dating potential in only 11.5 seconds. Evidently, superficial factors such as looks and income influence attraction when Salt Lake City members browse profiles.”

The 10 Most Superficial Cities in America (According to Avg. Browsing Time)

1.) Salt Lake City, UT – 7.2

2.) Portland, OR – 7.7 Seconds

3.) Houston, TX – 8.3 Seconds

4.) Chicago, IL – 8.6 Seconds

5.) Washington, D.C. – 9.8 Seconds

6.) Los Angeles, CA – 10.4 Seconds

7.) Louisville, KY – 11.5 Seconds

8.) Miami, FL – 12.1 Seconds

9.) New York, NY – 13.2 Seconds

10.) Dallas, TX – 13.7 Seconds

Salt Lake City’s survey results indicate a strong preference for attractive, wealthy individuals. But according to Wade, gives members the opportunity to date attractive members based on their generosity, thus evening out the “playing field” for the introverted or less attractive.