Viral video: Golden Corral food?

Posted at 6:15 AM, Jul 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-08 14:37:23-04

A video of what appears to be a Golden Corral worker says he’s “disgusted” by his company’s food storage practices. In this video, which has gone viral on Reddit, he claims his company stored their food (including raw meat) outside by the dumpsters during a health inspection.

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In response to the video, Golden Corral sent the following statement to the FOX 13 Newsroom:

STATEMENT FROM PORT ORANGE, FL, GOLDEN CORRAL “A video was recently posted showing an incident of improper food handling at our Port Orange, Florida location. None of these items were served to a single customer.  All were destroyed within the hour at the direction of management.  Brandon Huber, the employee who made the video, participated in the disposal of the food.

 The following day, the father of the employee, posted an offer to sell the video for $5,000, which was not accepted.

 The manager involved in the improper storage was terminated for failing to follow approved food handling procedures.”

 Eric Holm, Metro Corral Partners

A similar message was posted on the company’s Facebook page Monday morning:

In regard to the video that is currently being circulated by an employee of Golden Corral of an isolated incident of improper food handling at our Port Orange, Florida location please note: 1. The food in the video was never served to a single customer. 2. All of the food was thrown away immediately. 3. The employee in the video participated in disposing of the food. 4. The employee in the video – through his father – offered to sell the video. 5. The manager at the restaurant was terminated.