Poll: Consumers Buying Fast Food Despite Knowing Health Risks

Posted at 6:34 AM, Aug 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-14 08:34:54-04

Most Americans know rolling through the drive-thru isn’t the healthiest choice to make, but according to a new Gallup poll people are making the choice despite what they know.

According to Daily Finance, the Gallup poll found that 28 percent of Americans admit to stopping for fast food at least once a week. The percentage is down slightly from the last poll; which was conducted in 2006. Some experts are attributing the decline to companies posting calories on their menus, education on the dangers of obesity, and healthy eating campaigns.

The more surprising find of the survey was how people answered the question whether fast food was good for them. Two percent of respondents said fast food was “very good” for them, and 20 percent said it was “fairly good” for them. Nearly half said it wasn’t “too good,” but less than 30 percent said it wasn’t “good at all.”

Fast food revenue has greatly increased over the past decade. Sales went from $151 billion in 2003 to $199 billion in 2013, according to research from IBISWorld. Also, 76 percent of respondents to the survey said fast food has little to no health value, suggesting people know the food isn’t good for them, but continue to buy it anyway.

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Story via Fox 8.