Provocative truck decal sparks controversy in Texas

Posted at 5:22 AM, Sep 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-09 07:22:12-04

WACO, Texas — A tailgate decal that depicts a woman tied down in the bed of a pickup truck has sparked debate in Waco.

The decal uses a clever optical illusion to make people behind the truck think there is an actual person bound in the back of the vehicle, KWTX reported. But a closer look reveals that the tableau is simply a decal.

The decal is the handiwork of Hornet Signs, a marketing and advertising company in Waco.

According to owner Brad Kolb, the sticker was put on an employee’s truck to gauge how realistic their decals are.

“I wasn’t expecting the reactions we got, nor do we condone this by any means,” Kolb told KWTX. “It was more or less something we put out there to see who noticed it.”

Kolb said an employee volunteered to be tied up and modeled for the image by choice.

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