Student Punished For Acting As Designated Driver

Posted at 5:38 AM, Oct 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-15 07:38:32-04

BOSTON, MA — A controversy is brewing in Massachusetts over a high school student’s punishment.

Two weeks ago, Erin Cox, 17, said she got a call from a friend that needed a ride home from a party. Her friend had been drinking and Erin drove to pick her up, according to WBZ-TV.

But moments after she arrived, the police did too, and busted several kids for underage drinking.

Erin, who is an honors student, was cleared by police who agreed she had not been drinking.

But the 17-year-old faced a harsh punishment from school officials.

Officials at North Andover High School told Erin she was in violation of the school’s zero tolerance policy. The senior was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and was suspended for five games.

Erin’s family filed a lawsuit, but a lawyer for the school district argued against an injunction. The judge ruled the court did not have jurisdiction.

The parents of Erin’s teammates started a petition to support the senior.

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