Cakes, Masks Breeding Grounds for Germs

Posted at 10:50 AM, Oct 25, 2013

(FOX 8)— Germs can quickly spread, especially during special events and the holidays!

According to a recent study, 200 bacteria are found on your average birthday cake before the candles are blown out.

After the candles, there were nearly 3,000 germs.

In Australia, health officials are actually banning blowing out candles at daycare agencies, asking parents to send a cupcake with their kids instead, according to MyFoxPhilly.

And as far as Halloween?

It turns out your mask could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

A biology professor in Phoenix tested swabs taken from the nose and mouth areas of masks, according to CNN affiliate KVTK. He found a number of bacteria that could lead to skin conditions.

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