Utah’s Kenzie Hall survives first episode of Hollywood Week on ‘American Idol’

Posted at 10:24 PM, Feb 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-14 18:21:23-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- The first episode of Hollywood Week on American Idol has aired and some of Utah's talent are still in the game, while others were sent home.

FOX 13 News sat down with contestant Kenzie Hall - who's survived the first episode of Hollywood Week - to talk about the experience and what she's learned.

"We're all here obviously because we can sing and now it's just who can prove they're unique enough to stay on the show," Kenzie said.

And choosing to sing Macklemore seemed to do the trick.

"I definitely chose the Macklemore song just because it's not something people would expect from me," she said. "It was definitely a risk and because of it I think it paid off."

Kenzie is one of more than 200 contestants competing to keep her spot on the show and in Hollywood this week.

"You had to remember that you're there for a reason and you're unique enough to be there, and so you just can't compare yourself: You just have to believe in what you have to bring," she said.

For the 17 year old, Hollywood was a learning experience, she said, for more than just her singing.

"Being in Hollywood you learn a lot of different lessons," she said. "You learn how to be patient with people, and I definitely had to learn that. I definitely had to learn that you don't need more than an hour of sleep - that was awful but you gotta roll with it. But I learned to be true to myself and just not to compare to other people."

Kenzie said she never expected all of this with the show. Her friends and family are obviously her biggest fans.

"To be honest with you, I don't know anything about music so this comes as a complete surprise and complete shock to me that she's done as well as she has and very proud of her," said Aaron Hall, Kenzie's father.

Kenzie's aunt, Megan Dorius, said she is proud as well.

"Every time anybody sees her or sees one of the promos on YouTube they're just so... they always tell me she's so amazing, and I can't believe how good she is," Dorius said.

Kenzie said she's been surprised and overwhelmed by the support she's gotten, even from those she doesn't know.

"I've also gotten a lot of support from people that I've never even met or even heard of and it's just really, it's really humbling," she said.

We will all know Kenzie and the other Utah contestants' fate on the show after February 13th's episode.

See the video above for more of Kenzie's comments on Wednesday night's show.