Grandma-to-be showers

Posted at 8:07 AM, May 30, 2014

Baby showers have long helped parents prepare for their impending needs. Friends and family not only provide support, but also car seats, clothing, toys, etc.

Now, a new shower has been born that allows grandmothers to enjoy the benefits of the new status– Grandma Showers! But not everyone thinks these showers are a good idea.

Blogger Donne Davis wrote about the trend, saying “What I envision for this ‘shower’ would be for the seasoned grandmas to shower the grandma-to-be with words of wisdom. They could each write down a bit of advice they’ve learned as grandmas and share it in the group.”  However, Davis can see why some people think these showers are a bad idea– especially if it “takes away from the mom’s spotlight” or becomes all about presents.

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