UPDATE: Mother speaks out after video of window-smashing goes viral

Posted at 10:45 AM, Jul 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-16 13:40:18-04

UPDATE: The mother is now speaking out after video of the window-smashing goes viral. The mom, who wants to remain anonymous, told KTRK she was the one who smashed the windows. She said she accidentally locked her keys in her car after buckling her kids into their car seats. Click here to read more.

KATY, Texas - Shoppers took matters into their own hands when they saw two children in a hot car Monday afternoon.

KHOU reported some shoppers saw a boy and girl inside the SUV and tried to beak the windows to free them.

Gabriel Del Valle told KHOU he stepped out of a store when he heard the children yelling for help in the car.

He said another man used a hammer to break to glass.

Del Valle said the children were crying in the hot Jeep; they couldn't open the doors because of the child locks.

According to KHOU, the mother said she left the kids in the car so she could get a haircut.

No one called the police.

Del Valle said the mother pleaded with the other shoppers and said she made a terrible mistake.

Authorities said the children are expected to be OK.

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