Voting by mail gains popularity in Davis County

Posted at 7:12 PM, Sep 30, 2014

A video, released by the Davis County Clerk's Office, educates voters on how voting by mail works.

"Vote by mail seems to be like a good option for us. We've seen a lot of good options with it, voter interaction, voter participation,” said Brian McKenzie, Davis County’s election manager.

McKenzie said because voting machines are getting old, they are looking for a cheaper, more effective way to replace them. But to replace the 933 voting machines Davis County has, it would cost $3-5 million dollars, all of which would come out of the county’s pocket.

“Political campaigns have to figure out how to adjust to people voting over a series of weeks or days rather than just one day,” said Carol McNamara, director of the Walker Institute at Weber State University.

Some believe filling out the ballots at different times could result in "voters remorse.”

“These ballots are sent out about a month before the general election and I’ve had people come to me and say 'gee I voted for candidate a I wish I would have waited a little bit longer because I heard from candidate b and that's who I would have voted for,'” said Phill Wright, chairman of the Davis County Republican Party.

Both parties agree on one thing, the way America votes, is changing.

“It has changed the way candidates campaign. They've had to be more rushed knowing the start of voting is tomorrow so they've had to step up their game and get out and our candidates have done that really well,” Brad Asay, vice chair, Davis County Democratic Party.

The Davis County ballots will be in the mail on October 6 and have to be turned in by November 3.

You can find more information on the Davis County Clerk/Auditor's Department website.