What happens when Tinder meets new members of Congress…

Posted at 10:27 AM, Jan 06, 2015

WASHINGTON – What happens when Tinder meets new members of Congress? The most swipe-able 58 freshman members of the House and 13 new Senate are measured against their new colleagues, all of whom display their own unique qualities.

Welcome to PoliTinder. No, it’s not a real app (that’d be scary). But for now, use this as your new guide for the rising stars on Capitol Hill. Left swipes for Democrats, Right swipes for Republicans.

Meet Elise Stefanik. She’s the youngest woman ever elected to Congress:

Then there’s Republican Sen.-elect Joni Ernst, who besides wanting to make Washington squeal, is also making history as Iowa’s first female U.S. senator:

And incoming Republican freshman Congressman Will Hurd of Texas, who, believe it or not, is an ex-CIA officer:

There’s much more to learn and much more to swipe in the above video. Happy swiping.