Alex From Target: Frisco Teen Goes Hollywood With Movie & Music

Posted at 10:10 AM, Feb 17, 2015

Frisco, TX (KDAF) — Remember Alex From Target? He’s the Frisco cutie who sacked his job after millions of teen girls turned his work selfie into an internet sensation.

So, what’s Alex been up to since his breakout moment back in November? Well, according to his recent YouTube video, he’s working on a movie, music video and starting his singing career.

Wow, all that from sacking groceries. Not bad.

“I just believe I’ve been given a platform and I’m trying to make something positive out of it,” Alex From Target said.

Pretty humble for a guy with over two million followers on almost every social site combined.

Even Ellen From Ellen invited him on her show.

We tried to get our moment with the Texas teen, but he’s on a digi-tour in Philly, snapping it up with fans. We won’t give up though.

Meanwhile, on the flipside of fast-track stardom, @Cella hasn’t struck any deals or talk show appearances. Her bad tweet got her the boot before she could even start rolling the dough!

But according to her Instagram, she’s working from home selling Jordans. Uhh… okay. Well, if the shoe fits.

Guess the Twitterverse can only handle so many rising stars.