Public hearing held for redevelopment of Ogden’s 12th Street

Posted at 2:47 PM, Apr 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-09 23:25:33-04

OGDEN -- A construction project still in the planning stages has a concerned Ogden community rallying together. Thursday night, 12th Street residents got a glimpse at the final plans of a corridor preservation project that will take a chunk out of many homeowners' yards and farmland.

The plans to redesign the road have been on the books here in Weber County since the '60s, but when the planning for this construction project started last year, several residents weren't happy.

"I've lived here my whole life, I grew up on this road and now I live on this road," said Joe Giordano, who was one of dozens who went to the final public open house for the 12th Street corridor design and development Thursday night.

The $38 million project will widen a 7-mile stretch of county road from 4700 West to Little Mountain on 12th Street and it will add turn lanes and a right of way area too.

"There have been a number of people that have gotten killed due to accidents, and if we can do something to improve that then this is a good project," said Holin Wilbanks, Public Affairs Director for Weber County.

But to widen the road, the county will need to buy a portion of some homeowners' property.

"Some people's grandparents and parents were the one who developed the land for that purpose, and it's taken away some of their livelihood," Said Scott Conley, who also lives on 12th street.

Several residents along 12th street have put up signs that read, "Home not for sale."

"Anytime the government is going to do something to better the community and they have to buy private citizens' property, and they're going to damage that property value," Giordano said.

Most agree the road needs the work, but some argue the county has gone about it in the wrong way.

"Yes, there needs to be improvements, but it's just the communication and the way it was handled from the get go where it could have been done differently where everyone would be involved," Conley said.

Residents were hoping to get clarification at the open house.

"The citizens wanted a meeting, we asked for a meeting with the commission," Giordano said.

But no questions were addressed at the open house. The county says they've communicated all they know to residents.

"We've done our best to be as open and honest and upfront with the information that we know," Wilbanks said.

Construction on 12th street could start as early as 2017, if they have the funding.

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