FOX 13 goes behind the scenes with OK GO

Posted at 9:39 PM, May 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-06 23:39:00-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- From dancing on treadmills to synchronized scooters filmed by a drone, the band OK GO is known for their innovative music videos. FOX 13 News’ Allison Croghan caught up with the band when they were in Salt Lake City for a show last month to find out more about these creative geniuses and the work behind their videos.

While they're popular online, the band says they actually prefer live concerts.

“It’s all the music and all the visuals but also like with real humans there, so it’s definitely the most fun part of what we do,” said Damian Kulash, the lead singer and guitarist for OK Go.

Bassist and vocalist Tim Nordwind also said the live vibe is one they enjoy.

“And we also get to shoot like 70 pounds of confetti at people,” he said, with Kulash adding: “Oh drowning people in confetti is, people don't know how fun it is.”

With all the creativity in their videos, many fans say they came to the concert with high expectations.

“I wondered how they were going to pull it off, but it was still entertaining,” said Ken Kurckenberg, an OK Go fan who attended.

William Shelton is another fan who attended the recent concert.

“I actually really like their concert and the special effects they have going on and how they get a little more intimate with the crowd,” he said.

In addition to the high expectations from fans at concerts, the band says they feel a lot of pressure filming the videos as well.

“If someone does something wrong, the whole take is done,” Nordwind said.

Kulash said that challenge helps forge friendships.

“While that can create a lot of stress, it also creates like this amazing bond and kinship on the sets,” he said.

That bond is also something they like to feel with their fans, in person when they can--since a lot of their fan base is online.

“It’s amazing to see the numbers climb, but comments aren’t the same as the human connection,” Kulash said.

And fans of all ages agreed: OK Go delivered on all aspects from creativity to connection and confetti.

Kaitlyn Denton said of the experience: “Awesome. Speechless. I’m about to cry. I’m so excited they’re actually right there.”

And as the videos get bigger and better, the band said they don't pick favorites.

“I get really emotional actually," Kulash said. “Because I love them all. And they all represent really, really, wonderful times in our lives.”

Nordwind shared a similar perspective.

“The crews have grown, and the ideas have grown, and you just kind of have to love them all for their unique reason,” he said.

And speaking of ideas growing, their most recent project might seem the most farfetched--turning their latest album into DNA. Basically what that means is they are translating their music into code, which is stored in a drop of liquid. They're also working on two more videos for this summer, a TV show, and a theater production.

For more about the band, visit their website.