Emergency crews rescue ‘most combative’ patients of the night from Utah chimney

Posted at 12:16 PM, Jun 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-04 15:06:46-04

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah - Unified Fire crews rescued what they called the "most combative patients of the night" from a chimney at a Taylorsville home.

Medics removed four baby raccoons and their mother from the home overnight.

The homeowner said paw prints coming in and out of the chimney led him to discover the intruders.

Fire crews said they rigged up a way to safely remove the critters.

"Kind of lassoed the first one," paramedic Marc McDonald said. "When we pulled it out, the mom came out with her and the mom took off. The other three we had get out from the fire pit itself in the fireplace."

Unified crews said the little guys managed to get about 15 feet up into the chimney.