Ty Detmer, other NFL stars coach Utah kids on QB skills

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jul 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-07 20:14:12-04

SANDY, Utah — Over 60 years of NFL experience was at Lone Peak Park in Sandy to tutor kids in the art of becoming better quarterbacks and better people.

Former Heisman Trophy winner at BYU, Ty Detmer co-owns Quarterback Elite, and asked fellow former NFL quarterbacks, Kurt Warner, Mark Brunell, as well as his younger brother, Koy Detmer to help out.

“Kurt had a charity event this spring and, you know, so I went out and participated in that and we kind of exchanged about coming out here, as well. Mark and I, we’ve remained friends for a long time. He came hunting this year, brought his boys and so it wasn’t hard, you know. They’re great guys and they enjoy helping kids this age try to achieve their dreams,” Ty Detmer said.

Warner is a former Super Bowl and NFL MVP with the Rams and Cardinals. Brunell is a 3-time Pro-Bowler with the Jaguars.

“You build relationships with teammates and there are so many guys doing so many great things. You know, former or current NFL guys that it takes a phone call to say ‘Hey, I’m involved in this and you know with certain guys like a Ty or a Mark, you know what kind of event it’s gonna be. You know it’s gonna be a quality event that’s about character as much as it’s about football,” Warner said.