Mother makes frantic 911 call after receiving text from daughter that burglars broke into home in Sandy

Posted at 6:09 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 20:09:12-04

SANDY, Utah -– Sandy police released the 911 call made by a frantic mother who got a text from her teenage daughter saying someone had broken into their home.

The panicked mother raced to her ex-husband’s Sandy home Wednesday afternoon to rescue her 15-year-old daughter after the girl texted her mom saying she was afraid.

Caller: “My daughter is home sick today, and she just sent me a bunch of texts saying: 'Mom someone's in the house. I can hear them. I can't talk on the phone. I`m freaking out. Please send someone.'"

While the woman waited for police, she noticed a black Toyota Camry.

Caller: “A car just backed into the driveway. Someone is walking to the door.... It's a man. He's opening the garage. He's opening the garage! Someone's opening the garage. Someone's opening the garage.”

Dispatcher: “OK, I have an officer on the way.”

Meanwhile, the woman got a text from her daughter, who was hiding in her room, saying she heard the suspects leave, but mom warned her to stay put.

Caller: “He's in the garage with the garage closed. NO! No! Don't move! Don't move baby, hide! Oh my god. Please hurry.”

Police arrived at the home just as the suspects took off out of the garage.

Caller: “That's the suspect driving away! Go, hurry please, fast! Fast!”

Officers chased the black Toyota Camry along 700 East to 90th South, where the suspect ran a red light and hit a Chevy Tahoe, causing it to roll over. They then hit another vehicle, injuring two people.

Police arrested Niklus Beauchaine. The other suspect, Heath Miller, took off before the crash and police later tracked him down in West Valley City. Both are facing various felony charges, including burglary and theft.

“We're really grateful that we were able to get these folks off the street,” said Sandy City Police Sgt. Dean Carriger.

Police say the girl did everything right in this situation and are grateful the suspects didn’t hurt her. Police said burglars will often knock on doors to see if anyone is home before they break in.

“She immediately recognized there's a potential for danger," Carriger said. "People that enter into those homes are unpredictable. You never know what could occur if they discover you inside the home."

Police say people don’t realize that most burglaries occur during the day. There are some things you can do to keep burglars away. Police suggest installing an alarm system and surveillance video cameras.