Watch them Nae Nae: Expect these dances at Super Bowl

Posted at 6:57 AM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 08:57:13-05

If your dance fever wasn’t tamed by “Grease: Live,” you’ll soon get another chance to watch folks get down on TV.

Not only will we see incredible moves out on the field on Super Bowl Sunday, but players are known to debut some fancy footwork in the end zone.

Celebratory dances are very popular, but players can get slapped with steep fines should referees deem the dances too “excessive.” Former NFL player Terrell Owens and Butterfinger have offered to pay up to $50,000 in fines should Super Bowl competitors get penalized for busting a move.

Dances on the field can range from the well-known “dab” and “Nae Nae” to more obscure moves, so you don’t have to wait till halftime to catch a show! Here’s a primer on dances we might see Sunday and the songs that inspired them.

‘Pipe it Up’ and ‘Look at My Dab’ by Migos

Hailing from Atlanta, Migos have been churning out hits since 2013. You may know them from their songs “Hannah Montana” and “Versace,” which Drake covered. Now they’ve got the entire world “dabbin’. ” Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was recently seen dabbin’ in the end zone as a celebratory dance; tennis pro Victoria Azarenka was caught dabbin’ at the Australian Open.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning doesn’t dance as much as Newton in the end zone, but he has been known to bust a move on the field, most notably during practice. Maybe he’s a little shy when it comes to showing off his dance moves to the public. Here’s video of the quarterback goofing around during practice and dancing to the classic “Rocky Top,” the unofficial fight song of his alma mater, the University of Tennessee.

‘Ritz Carlton’ and ‘Ran Off on Da Plug Twice’ by Plies

Plies has started a movement: Usually seen at college football games, this dance will probably make its Super Bowl debut on Sunday. Thousands have created their own memes from the song. It’s a super easy dance that simply involves running in place — so make sure you look carefully, because it might be easy to miss!

‘Hit Dem Folks’ and ‘Walked In’ by BankRoll Fresh

This is one of the coolest dances you may see on the field. Why? Because you can incorporate everything you’re feeling into the dance: Nae Nae, hit the Quan, dab and then bring it in with the “Hit Dem Folks” move.

‘Milly Rock’ by 2 Milly

Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly popularized this dance, which has made the rounds in the sports world at NBA and NFL games. Video has even surfaced of Oklahoma college football coach Bob Stoops practicing the dance on a recruiting visit.

‘Hit the Quan’ by iLoveMemphis

“Hit the Quan” grew from rapper iHeartMemphis mimicking another rapper, Rich Homie Quan, dancing in one of his music videos. From there, the move took a life of its own. The dance has been seen frequently across the NFL as a touchdown celebration. Surely we will see this move on Sunday.

Shmoney Dance by Bobby Shmurda

An oldie but goodie! The Shmoney dance came out in late 2014, but it could show up at Super Bowl 50. Stars like Drake and Taylor Swift have all done it. Maybe we’ll catch Manning celebrating in the end zone with this move.

‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)’ by Silento

Silento’s infectious song “Watch Me” took over 2015. Everyone from Hillary Clinton to your little cousin was singing and dancing along. The Nae Nae simply must make an appearance during this year’s Super Bowl.

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