Family of high school student killed in quadruple shooting in South Salt Lake speaks

Posted at 7:01 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 23:24:45-05

SOUTH SALT LAKE -- The teenager shot and killed in a quadruple shooting in South Salt Lake City Thursday night as been identified, and on Friday his family spoke about their loved one.

The family confirms the deceased teen is 17-year-old Armando Curiel. According to police, the shooting happened around 8 p.m. on East Park Creeke Lane.

Friday night, police confirmed that another individual injured in the shooting has passed away. That victim is so far only identified as a 19-year-old male.

Ivonn Celis feared her boyfriend Armando was in trouble when she didn't hear from him. Those fears became a nightmare.

"His mom texts me around 5:18 in the morning, and she told me that he was shot and that they were in the hospital, when I got there at the hospital he was gone," Celis said. "He was a great guy. I don't think he deserved anything like that, nobody deserves anything for no reason."

Celis said this isn't how things were supposed to turn out. She always thought they would get married.

"He was a great fighter, he was a great brother, he was a great son, he was just a great person," she said. "He was always there. He always cared for everybody."

Armando's family also said he had a bright future, and his death comes as a shock.

"For me it was rage, I just couldn't believe it at first," said Pedro Curiel, Aramndo's uncle. "The detective told me at the hospital that he was dead, I couldn't believe it. I think it was more anger that we tried to help him stay away from that, those people."

Curiel said he took pride in looking out for his nephew, Armando. Armando was a senior at Cottonwood High School and was training to be a professional Muay Thai fighter.

"He wanted to go to school, but he was more into fighting, he wanted to become a champion," Curiel said.

According to police, Armando was in a Ford Explorer with three other young men when shots were fired from inside the vehicle. Pedro believes the shooting was probably gang related, but he said Armando was not part of a gang.

"I don't believe he had anything to do with it, he was just caught with the wrong people at the wrong time, and I just want to see justice from police and get everything investigated and resolved as quickly as possible," Curiel said.

Armando was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other men inside the SUV, 19 and 20 year old brothers, were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The 19-year-old brother died due to his injuries Friday night, police have confirmed.

The fourth victim, also a 19-year-old, was picked up by an unidentified person in a car. He showed up at the hospital later in the evening with a gunshot wound to the leg. He is also in critical condition.

Police recovered two handguns at the scene, one inside the Ford Explorer and one on the street. Right now they don't have a motive.

"For every other teenager, of course, that are hanging out with the wrong people: Just please stay away from them, do not get affiliated with them, you should care less what they think about you, please," Curiel said. "We got to stop this violence once and for all."

Police are classifying all four people involved as victims, however the investigation remains on going and an arrest or arrests could be made once everyone involved is interviewed.