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3 Questions with Bob Evans: Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds on faith, supporting the LGBTQ community

Posted at 10:47 PM, Aug 20, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY -- It's been only eight or nine years since the group Imagine Dragons won the BYU battle of the bands.

Now they are one of the most highly acclaimed alternative rock bands in the world with hits like "Believer”, “Thunder" and "Radioactive".

And lead singer Dan Reynolds is using that fame to call on everyone to love one another regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation.

Case in point: The LOVELOUD Fest, where Imagine Dragons and others will play this week in Orem. But before that show, Reynolds sat down with Bob Evans for 3 Questions:

  1. With the LDS Church's endorsement of the LOVELOUD Festival and the other efforts the LDS Church is making, it is clear that they are reaching out to members who are LGBTQ, and to others.  In regard to gay issues, where is the Church getting it right, in your opinion, and where is it getting it wrong?
  2. Others who find themselves in a similar position as you no longer identify as a Latter-day Saint, but you still do: Why is that?
  3. In the video for "Believer", Dolph Lundgren punches you in the face. Was he really punching you, and did you get hurt?

See below for the extended interview with Dan Reynolds on 3 Questions with Bob Evans.