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Empty mailboxes and packages sent late have Herriman residents on edge

Posted at 10:00 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 00:00:39-05

HERRIMAN, Utah --Herriman residents say they're tired of problems they're seeing with package and mail delivery by the U.S. Postal Service out of the Riverton Post Office.

The issues, they say, range from no mail delivery for days, to late package delivery including Amazon Prime shipments, to the Post Office claiming they delivered a package when they didn't.

Usually, checking the mail is a daily ritual.

But for residents like Joy White, it's become a guessing game as to when and if the mail will even get delivered.

"There's mail!," she exclaimed, as she opened her mailbox Wednesday afternoon. "It's a miracle!"

She and others said it's the same game when it comes to package delivery.

With Black Friday shopping and the holidays, many are ordering items online and through Amazon Prime.

White said the Post Office sent her a notification that one of her packages was delivered. But, when she checked the front porch, nothing was there.

"Where's my package? I think it's really ridiculous," she said. "They say that it's delivered, and it's not." Instead, it showed up the next day.

Curtis Noble said the same thing's happened to him several times. "It says they're actually delivered, and we have no packages," he said.

Even though the Post Office sends a notification that the package was delivered -- or the mail carrier attempted to deliver -- he said there's no indication on his Ring doorbell that anyone was even on his porch.

Just like with White, his packages will suddenly show up a day or a few days later. "It really just feels like they're not being honest about their delivery schedules," he said.

Amy Coverston said she experienced the same thing a few times, and the situation got even stranger for a package that needed her husband's signature.

"It showed a signature other than his," she said. Coverston said the Post Office said someone signed the form and accepted the delivery.

They tracked the form down online, to find out who signed it instead.

"She is a supervisor at the Riverton Post Office," Coverston said, of the signature. She said they weren't sure why the Post Office supervisor signed for a package delivery, but she said the package did show up a couple days later at their house.

"They either don't have enough personnel to handle it, or they're not organized well enough," said Herriman resident Doran Barton. "Something's going on."

He said in addition to package delivery problems, they've gone days without mail delivery.

Then all at once, he said their mail will show up, but often he'll find his neighbor's mail in his mailbox, and vice versa.

Curtis and the others said they've experienced that, too.

Barton and his wife are currently awaiting a package delivery, that he said was supposed to arrive at their door almost a week ago.

The USPS tracking shows it was out for delivery on Friday, but an update on Saturday said, "A carrier delay has occurred."

"It obviously made it onto a truck," he said. "And then, it disappeared."

The U.S. Postal Service sent a statement to Fox 13 about the issues, that says:

"We aim to provide timely and accurate delivery to each and every customer and apologize for any service inconvenience caused. If a customer has a service or delivery concern, we ask them to contact their Post Office, 1-800-ASK-USPS, or visit We are currently addressing some sporadic delivery issues in the Herriman area which we hope to have resolved soon."
--Brian Sperry, USPS Corporate Communications