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3 Questions with Bob Evans: Howard Jones talks hit songs, selling out shows in Park City

Posted at 10:28 PM, Feb 18, 2018

He had 15 Top 40 worldwide hits between 1983 and 1992, with such titles as "Things Can Only Get Better" and "No One is to Blame".

Howard Jones is a pop superstar who pioneered the electronic music craze that swept the music scene, and he has a love affair going with Utah audiences—with five nights of sold out concerts in Park City recently.

Jones sat down with Bob Evans for 3 Questions:

    1. You have millions of fans around the world, you tour all over the place, and yet here you are in Park City—five nights at The Egyptian, sold out every night. What is it with you and these Park City audiences?
    2. In the 80s your song “Like to Get to Know You Well” was poised for release in Japan, but there was a problem: Tell me what that problem was?
    3. So much of your material has such a positive message to it. What is it like when fans tell you that your music lifted them up?

See the video below for the extended interview with Howard Jones: